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Cut the Cost of your Nespresso Addiction!

Sit down, relax and enjoy a nice cup of Espresso while you soak up this news.

A ruling by the French watchdogs against Nespresso (owned by Nestlé) has said that Nespresso must share more information about its machines to enable coffee pod providers to make pods more easily. Nespresso has agreed to comply not only in France, but worldwide.

The French authorities also ruled that Nespresso were using misleading wording in its warranty that encouraged customers to only use their pods. This wording has now changed and Nestlé has confirmed that as long as users meet the terms of the warranty it won’t matter which capsules are used, your warranty will remain valid.

This is great news for Nespresso fans who have previously paid premium prices and had limited choice.

Nespresso pods now cost up to 39p, so a household drinking three cups a day would be spending up to £600 a year for their caffeine hit. The new ruling means you can now choose an artisan coffee roaster, and make great savings.

Caffè Ottavo’s small-batch roasted coffee is now available in 31 countries. Our artisan Italian heritage and delicious range of coffees are a major hit with Nespresso lovers.

Caffè Ottavo’s pods are up to 50% cheaper than Nespresso, meaning a household drinking 3 cups a day could save £300+ a year!

Many Nespresso customers are also concerned about recycling. Nespresso pods are made from aluminium and need to be recycled at special centres. Our coffee pods are recyclable along with all your other household plastic waste, through normal collections. The advantage with this is that you’re not having to ship it especially for recycling.

If you are ready to make big savings, and discover some delicious artisan blends, then you can try a Coffee Pod Selection Pack from Caffe Ottavo for just £30.00, delivery included. The Coffee Pod Selection Pack contains 120 pods, and 4 varieties of delicious Italian artisan roasted coffee:

Intenso – A strong and creamy blend with with a flavour strength of 8/10, perfectly enjoyed as a bold, invigorating espresso, or with foamed milk for a stunning cappuccino.

Gran Gusto – A robust and velvety blend of 70% Arabica beans and 30% Robusta Beans. This gives Grand Gusto its robust, velvety texture and makes it the perfect start to the day. The flavour is full-bodied and aromatic and is perfect with foamed milk as a luxurious caffe latte or cappuccino, or simply as a rich full bodied espresso.

Sublime – Smooth and refined, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. It has an intense aroma with hints of roasted hazelnuts and caramel. A light to medium body with a medium intensity and strength, making it the perfect choice for a smooth ristretto or espresso, without a hint of bitterness.

Lungo – A dark and long blend with a coarser ground designed so your machine can pass more hot water through the coffee at a slower pace, to capture the flavour components that would normally remain un-dissolved. It is perfect to enjoy as a long black coffee with or without a splash of milk.

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