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About us

Caffè Ottavo was born in the beautiful, ancient town of Fano, Italy, out of a desire to create truly delicious coffee.

This is Our Story.

As eight old school friends, we decided to try our hand at roasting our own blend of coffee in small batches. Our neighbours in Fano enjoyed it so much that we began supplying the close community of restaurants and beachside coffee bars with our special Espresso blend (now re-named Gran Gusto). And, since Italians drink up to five caffè (coffees) each and every day, roasting our delicious blend soon became a full-time job (which we were pretty happy about, frankly).

We still supply these restaurants and beachside bars, and thousands more Italians now enjoy Caffè Ottavo coffee every day in Italian delis and local stores, and in their homes.

Caffè Ottavo coffee is now served in the most admired coffee shops and restaurants of Italy, Canada, America, Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Holland, Denmark, Greece ….and right here in the coffee houses of the UK.

Our coffee beans are sourced from the best growers in Brazil, Columbia and Ethiopia and are exclusively roasted by Caffè Ottavo in Italy, in the traditional style, to capture the unique characteristics, flavours and aromas of fine Italian coffee.

Caffè Ottavo coffee is now available in Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, with each single capsule containing exactly the correct quantity of freshly roasted, ground coffee to produce the perfect shot of espresso or lungo coffee.

All of our coffee and tea capsules are 100% recyclable (see more about this on our FAQ page) – and rest assured that we’re working day and night to bring you biodegradable coffee and tea pods, which we’ll be ready to launch as soon as we’re happy that you can continue to enjoy the same amazing experience as our recyclable pods currently deliver.

In 2013 Caffè Ottavo was the first company to launch tea in Nespresso compatible pods, which can now be discovered in fine hotels and in homes throughout the world. Try a taster pack today, and start wondering how you ever lived without them!

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