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Nespresso friendly Tea Pods
Did you know your Nespresso machine also makes a stunning cup of tea?

Deliciously refreshing leaf teas, served at the push of a button.

Caffe Ottavo offers a wide choice of tea as well as rich coffee blends, so if you feel you need a pick-me-up why not choose one of our soothing cups of tea or coffee.

With Nespresso tea pods, you get the unique, fresh flavours of tea, all in a single capsule. Choose from fragrant Earl Grey, soothing Chamomile, the people’s favourite English Breakfast, refreshing Marrakesh Mint, and pure Green Tea flavours.

If you can’t decide on the flavour you would like, why not try one of our taster packs containing 50 or 120 capsules? Our Nespresso tea capsules are perfect for use with the Espressina Pod Machine or any other domestic Nespresso compatible machine. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or tea-bag trails – a soothing cup of tea is just the press of a button away.